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FedEx Ground Settles with Montana Attorney General Over Misclassification of Drivers as Independent Contractors: Settlement for $2.3 Million Is for Failure to Pay Unemployment Insurance Taxes and Withhold Income Taxes from Drivers

Less than three months after settling independent contractor misclassification charges with the Massachusetts Attorney General for $3 million, FedEx Ground has agreed to pay Montana $2.3 million to settle that State’s...

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FedEx Ground Update on Driver Misclassification: New Lawsuit Follows Changes to FedEx’s Massachusetts Business Model, Launched on Same Day FedEx Settles with State’s Attorney General

  On July 15, 2010, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office announced that it had reached an agreement with FedEx Ground to settle a citation that the company was misclassifying its drivers as independent contractors...

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FedEx Ground Suffers a Setback in Illinois: Court Finds FedEx Misclassified Its Illinois Drivers as Independent Contractors

The first decision on the merits has been issued in the FedEx Ground class action “independent contractor” cases. . . . On May 28, 2010, Judge Robert L. Miller, Jr., the judge assigned to hear and decide all of these Fed Ex Ground cases, granted summary judgment in favor of the Illinois plaintiffs on their wage claims under the Illinois Wage Act. . . . The decision by Judge Miller is limited to the statutory claims under a single state’s wage law. He expressly noted in his decision that he was not deciding the common law claims brought by the Illinois plaintiffs. Nonetheless, this decision by Judge Miller is a partial setback for Fed Ex, which has experienced mixed results in the courts to date.

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