About Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance Legal Blog

This legal blog is published by Richard Reibstein, a partner with Locke Lord LLP, a resident in the firm’s New York office. The blog is part of the Locke Lord suite of preeminent legal blogs.

Ever since it was launched in 2010, this has been the only legal blog in the country devoted solely to the subject of independent contractor compliance and misclassification.

This blog is designed for informational and educational purposes. Each blog post contains a comprehensive analysis of a new legal development in this niche area of the law and provides the reader with one or more takeaways. The blog includes a monthly update of legal developments affecting businesses that use independent contractors as part of their business model, and a wide-ranging set of Resources/Links (below).

Issues Covered

This blog addresses issues related to the defense of misclassification claims and class actions as well as audits and investigations by federal and state tax and workforce agencies dealing with wages, taxes, unemployment, and workers compensation, and is also dedicated to providing information to assist companies enhance their compliance with federal and state labor, tax, benefits, and other laws impacting the use of independent contractors and individuals paid on a 1099 basis. Comments from readers about this blog or individual blog posts are invited